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About Entrada

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Entrada Platform™

The Entrada Platform consists of 3 independent apps that can stand alone or work together: Entrada Admissions, Entrada ME, and Entrada CPD.

Entrada Platform Diagram

Entrada Admissions

Entrada Admissions empowers your admissions office by creating rank order lists and making cuts while allowing your readers to read and score applicant files. Self-service interview booking functionality for your candidates enables them to reserve their time slot online. Entrada Admissions handles the admissions process from start to finish ultimately sending out electronic offers, rejections, and waitlist letters to the appropriate candidates.

Entrada ME

Entrada ME powers the delivery and management of Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education with 7 purpose-built pillars:

  1. Curriculum Mapping and Reporting
  2. Academic and Clinical Scheduling and Calendaring
  3. Learning Management
  4. Assessment and Evaluation
  5. Learner ePortfolios
  6. Faculty Accountability and Annual Reporting
  7. Community functionality and “Social” integration

Entrada CPD

Entrada CPD provides physicians and other professionals looking to continue their education with easy access to your institution’s Program and Event information, as well as self-service registration, professional credit tracking, and certificate printing. Your administrative staff can manage these Programs and Events through the Entrada CPD web-interface, which also simplifies financial reconciliation, user management, and reporting.